Pay in a convenient monthly subscription

Forget about cumbersome annual payments or EMIs blocking up money in your credit cards. Now you can conveniently pay as you go in monthly subscriptions.

Enjoy Up To 70% Lower Prices

Our plan is designed smartly to make the lower prices a reality - just choose a small out-of-pocket expense called Deductible and reduce your subscriptions by up to 70%.

What is a Deductible?

Deductible is the amount you will pay yourself towards hospitalization expenses before insurance starts to pay.


Ajay bought our plan with a deductible of ₹35,000 and ₹10 lakhs sum insured to cover him, his wife and son.


Ajay gets a bill of ₹1 lakh for himself. He pays ₹35,000 towards this bill and his plan takes care of the rest.


After a few months, Ajay gets a second bill of ₹1 lakh for his wife and this time his plan takes care of the entire bill.


Embrace the Digital World of Insurance

Our platform is entirely digital with no physical overheads which means you Can enjoy bigger savings and lower prices! Oh and did we tell you, we are Completely paperless too?