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5 Things To Keep In Mind When You Buy Health Insurance Online

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When you opt to buy health insurance online, the stakes are high. While buying comprehensive health insurance online might ring in some incorrect rumors on scams, issues in claim settlements, and more, in reality, there are little to no disadvantages in online purchases. In fact, it’s hassle-free and saves a lot of time, paperwork and is a no-contact process which is the need of the hour.

Of course, if you are looking online for the top health insurance plans, asking these five questions can help you secure the best policies that will suit your healthcare needs and your budget too.

Does It Have a Large Cashless Hospital Network?

Going for cashless health insurance during emergency hospitalization can relieve you of the hassles of arranging emergency finances. Cashless coverage networks are hassle-free, quick, and give you access to healthcare near you. Choose a provider who has an exhaustive pan India hospital network for maximum benefit. This will help save you time looking for the right hospitals that will accept your insurance cover.

How Easy Is the Claims Process?

When it comes to emergency hospitalizations, not having a hassle-free claims experience can lead to an absolutely nightmarish experience. Look for a cover that has a simplified cashless claim filing process wherein you can just submit our policy number at the hospital TPA desk and let the insurance company take care of the rest.

Having a good support system during an insurance claim is absolutely critical, which is why we, at Vital, have dedicated Care Managers for every member who is the single point of contact for the claims process. It takes away all the financial hassles of hospitalization and lets you focus on your loved ones which would be the need of the hour.

Does the Plan Have an Option to Lower Premiums?

Many health covers today come with lower premium options which are offered through deductibles. A deductible is nothing but a small out-of-pocket expense that needs to be taken care of in the event of a hospitalization. For example, if you have chosen a deductible of Rs 35,000 and incur a hospital bill of Rs. 1,00,000, then the first Rs. 35,000 needs to be paid by you.

For most people, hospitalization risks are almost minimal which is why opting in for a deductible is a great option as it can help reduce your premiums drastically. Taking a Vital Health Plan with a deductible, for example, can lower your premiums by almost 70-75%. Not to mention, these deductibles can be paid in any way you choose, whether by using another health insurance policy or even with any financing option.

Does Your Policy Have Any Capping on Coverage?

As human interaction is little to none when you buy health insurance online, it is best to make sure that you are completely aware of all the coverage details of your policy.  Read all the cover details thoroughly before buying a policy to ensure that you know about everything your policy covers or doesn’t.

Coverage capping is usually added on the following features, so pay extra attention to these:

  • Room rent charges
  • Diseases covered
  • Diagnosis fees 
  • Treatment packages
  • Doctor visits and Nurses’ fees
  • In-patient/Out-patient care
  • Ambulance charges

These are features included in every medical insurance for a family or a self but most insurance companies add a cap of how much the policy covers each of these.

Does It Include Any Wellness Benefits?

Many insurance policies today offer wellness benefits, but truth be told, most of these benefits are irrelevant to the users and often end up increasing the premiums. As a consumer, one needs to understand that today’s health expenses go beyond hospitalizations and it is absolutely essential to be prepared for our regular expenses too. Both health and wellness expenses have become exorbitant over the years and thus having a cover for our daily wellness needs can go a long way in helping save us thousands of rupees every year.

How Do You Buy Health Insurance Online?

The digital lifestyle has helped various financial sectors bring their businesses to the online platform, especially health schemes in India.

The internet is one of the greatest resources for a consumer today. You have complete freedom to look through reviews, workings, and payment histories of multiple insurance firms before choosing the right one, especially while making a purchase online.

And when you do, head over to GetVital to secure your insurance policy for great offers and discounts. Check out some comprehensive health insurance policies, which come with essential wellness benefits, at 70% lower prices!

So secure yourself today, and buy health insurance online to save both your time and money.


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