Advantages of Health Insurance

Advantages of Health Insurance in Your Vital Health Cover

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Health is something we forget to take care of. Many of us even take health insurance without proper research and knowing the health cover benefits. Health insurance only provides coverage against illnesses covered under their terms. So, what is the difference between health insurance and health cover? Let’s understand. 

Health Insurance

Health insurance covers all the health-related expenses incurred by the insured in a hospital and OPD (if included in the policy), which are covered under the terms and conditions of the health insurance policy. These are mostly hospitalization expenses, medicine costs incurred due to hospitalization, and the charges of operations and surgeries arising due to illness or other medical issues. 

Advantages of Generic Health Insurance

  • Most of them provide pre and post-medication expenses that are comprehensive in nature, that is they cover all the medical and ambulance expenses.
  • When an emergency strikes, a person with health insurance can take the option of cashless treatment where the insurance company will clear all the medical expenses of the hospital at a later stage.
  • Having health insurance also provides the tax benefits which people can claim in their income tax returns.

Is Health Insurance Enough?

While health insurance is an absolute necessity in today’s time.

Vital Health Cover – It is a type of health insurance that allows both the bigger and smaller expenses under their coverage, including medical checksup and all other expenses.

Thus, Vital health insurance not only provides insurance for higher medical expenses, but also for the smaller expenses that are rarely covered under any insurance schemes. This gives a benefit to the insured. 

The Features of Vital Health Cover

  • The cover of the health insurance is up to Rs. 50 lakhs
  • Affordable health cover options with monthly EMI less than Rs. 100
  • It covers the complete family, which is up to six people insured under a single insurance cover
  • Includes every expense of hospitalisation, ambulance, medical test, medicines and room charges
  • It covers all the treatments related to COVID-19
  • One can claim tax benefits in their income tax return

Types of Health Plans by Vital

Total Care Plan

It is a plan that covers all the medical treatments such as Hospital Room (Up to a single room), Intensive Care Unit (ICU), anesthesia, medical practitioners (fees), oxygen, operation theatre, blood, medicines, drugs, surgical appliances, nursing, consumables, non-consumables, diagnostic procedures, and COVID-19 treatment.

Various other plans are customized according to the requirements of the insured person. This gives the benefits of getting coverage as per the needs, although there are certainties that are not included in any health plan coverage such as: 

  • Treatment of diseases or any procedure due to use of illegal substances, drugs
  • Treatment in the case of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)
  • Treatment of cosmetic procedure unless it is a necessary requirement by the medical practitioner
  • Treatment of any condition which is by birth
  • Treatment expenses in case of artificial life support where the restoration of previous health condition is unachievable
  • Any treatment taken outside the country (India)
  • Treatment of prosthetics that are removable and required without the anesthesia

Besides these, almost all the expenses come under the insurance plan coverage. But have you ever wondered when you can claim the insurance after buying the same and what is the waiting period? 

The waiting period is the period after buying the insurance where you cannot claim any expense in your insurance coverage up to a certain limit of time. Although in case of accidents, these waiting periods are not applicable, if you have any existing diseases, the treatment of the same can be claimed after 48 months of buying the insurance policy. Even other surgeries, which are planned, have to wait a minimum of 24 months before claiming anything.

However, after the completion of the waiting period, one can claim every expense and thus should plan their surgeries accordingly. If one is not happy with the terms and conditions, then they can easily cancel the policy within 15 days of purchase and are eligible for a full refund.

Not only this, but the platform also offers other services such as tie-ups with leading brands in the market regarding medical expenses such as Care Insurance (for insurance), 1MG Tata Enterprise (for medicines), MFine (online medical checkups), Cult Fit (for fitness regimes), Thyrocare, BeatO (for diabetes), which provides the best services to the insured.

One needs to understand why one can opt for Vital Health Cover –

  • Vital is an online platform that brings the best health insurance coverage for the insured. Everything is digital, and after the completion of policy purchase, Vital will provide the insured with a dedicated care manager who will manage everything end-to-end.
  • The plans are affordable and bring the best coverage that are mostly not present in the general health insurance.
  • Tie-ups with the above-mentioned leading platform allows Vital to give multiple benefits to their insured on various products, along with the discount on the annual subscription of these applications and other benefits mentioned in the policy. 
  • The seamless digital experience within 24 hours gives better security to the insured. 

All these factors contribute to the fact that Vital has tried to provide health insurance coverage keeping in mind all the aspects that were difficult to find in general insurance and with the view that the process should be smooth and fulfilling for the insured. For more information on the same, check out their website at


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