Best Maternity Insurance Policy in India

How to Make Sure that You Buy the Best Maternity Insurance Policy in India?

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Over the years, expenses associated with childbirth as well as pre and post-natal care have increased significantly. The delivery-related expenses in India for both normal as well as cesarean deliveries can be anything between Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 2 lakhs. Complications are also common nowadays, mainly because the average age of women giving birth has increased to more than 30 years. Thus, a host of expenses associated with maternity can put a drain on your pockets.

Maternity insurance covers all the expenses related to childbirth and other pregnancy-related expenses up to a certain limit. Maternity insurance can be taken as a standalone policy or as an add-on benefit of an existing health insurance policy by paying an extra premium. Many companies include maternity insurance in the group insurance policies for their female employees. Maternity cover can also come under OPD expenses in some health insurance plans

A thorough understanding of maternity insurance is imperative to select the Best maternity insurance policy in India as per your requirements. 

Coverage Scope

Comprehensive coverage is the primary feature of the Best maternity insurance policy in India. The various necessary elements of coverage have been mentioned here.

Hospitalization expenses for both normal labor and delivery and C-sections are covered in addition to pregnancy-related complications. Hospitalization expenses include room charges, nursing charges, anesthetist charges, doctor’s fees, and emergency ambulance charges. The policy covers hospitalization expenses for up to 30 days before delivery and 60 days post-delivery. 

Comprehensive Coverage - Maternity Insurance Policy

Newborn baby coverage is provided for up to usually 90 days after birth. Expenses related to vaccination and treatment of medical issues of the infant, if required, are paid for under newborn baby coverage. The Best maternity insurance policy in India even covers congenital disorders of the newborn baby. 

The maternity insurance policy can also cover emergencies arising as a result of delivery and other pregnancy-related reasons. Emergency coverage can be up to Rs. 50,000. The maternity insurance policy also covers expenses related to terminating a medically necessary and legally compliant pregnancy.

Infertility treatment also comes under the ambit of the Best maternity insurance policy in India. If a couple is facing fertility problems and is taking treatment for the same, the expenses of such a treatment can be claimed under the maternity insurance policy. 


Even the Best maternity insurance policy in India has several exclusions. The common exclusions have been listed here.

Maternity Insurance Policy Exclusions
  • Pre-existing pathological conditions such as high blood pressure or epilepsy, which have a detrimental effect on pregnancy, makes the woman ineligible for maternity health insurance. Thus, if you are suffering from such a condition, you cannot purchase maternity insurance.
  • Pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition under the rules of maternity insurance. Thus, you cannot avail of maternity insurance if you are already pregnant.
  • The maternity insurance policy covers the costs of medicines prescribed by the gynaecologist during pregnancy. But vitamins and supplements which the woman consumes on her initiative are not covered. Non-allopathic medicines are also not covered.
  • Ectopic pregnancy is not covered by maternity insurance. Instead, medical expenses for ectopic pregnancy can be claimed under the regular health insurance policy.
  • Consultation fees of the doctor for check-ups and costs of diagnostic tests during the pregnancy period are not covered by maternity insurance. 

Waiting Period

Waiting Period - Maternity Insurance Policy

Even the Best maternity insurance policy in India does not come into effect immediately after purchasing it. Every maternity insurance policy has a waiting period. A waiting period refers to a specific period when the policyholder cannot claim benefits under the insurance policy. Maternity insurance plans usually have a waiting period of 3-4 years, and the waiting period commences as soon as the policy document is issued.

Since pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition by insurers and maternity insurance policies have a waiting period of a few years, the right time to purchase maternity insurance is a few years before you and your spouse plan to have a child. Newly married couples wanting to start a family after 2-3 years should opt for maternity insurance immediately so that the waiting period suits their plans.


Maternity Insurance Policy Premium

Premiums of maternity insurance plans are higher as compared to conventional health insurance plans. This is because the certainty of claims or claims ratio in maternity insurance is close to 100%, which compels insurers to charge high premiums to compensate for the high risk.

Age is an important factor that influences maternity insurance premiums. The age of the woman, the greater the premium. Risk factors to pregnancy depending upon the health of the woman also affect the premium amount.

A cost-benefit analysis of the premiums on maternity insurance plans by various insurers helps determine the Best maternity insurance policy in India as per your specific needs and budget. 

Claims Process

Maternity Insurance Policy Claims Process

The cashless claim is provided by any Best maternity insurance policy in India. The insured needs to present the cashless card and other documents at the hospital to get the claim processed. The insurer settles the bill with the hospital, and the policyholder is not required to pay anything. However, this facility can be availed only when the policyholder takes treatment in a network hospital of the insurer.

If the policyholder avails treatment at a hospital of her own choice, the insurer can reimburse her after processing the claim. In such a case, the insured needs to pay the hospital and get the reimbursement later.

The claims process of any best maternity insurance policy in India is smooth, and the processing time is not long.

How to Get the Best Maternity Insurance Policy in India?

Sum Insured

The assured sum is a major consideration to select the Best maternity insurance policy in India. The cost of normal delivery in India can go up to Rs. 75,000 while C-sections can cost Rs. 80,000 to even Rs. 2 lakhs. Thus, it is necessary to ensure that the sum insured is enough and financially suitable for you as far as the premium is concerned.

Compare Coverage Duration, Room Rent Capping, Sub-Limits & Cashless Hospitalization

Compare the benefits offered by various policies to determine the Best maternity insurance policy in India as suited for you. Check whether the policy covers C-sections or not, the coverage duration for the child after delivery, whether it covers room to rent or not, whether it includes sub-limits or not, and whether cashless treatment is offered.

Waiting Period

The waiting period must be considered to select the Best maternity insurance policy in India. It is recommended to check whether the waiting period is suitable for you or not. Opt for a maternity health insurance policy well in advance so that the waiting period poses no problem.

# of Childbirths

A maternity insurance policy usually covers 2 childbirths. The Best maternity insurance policy in India increases the sum insured for the second child after first childbirth, and looking for such a policy is recommended. 


Understanding the exclusions is important to get the Best maternity insurance policy in India. Go through the list of exclusions in various plans and determine which exclusions suit you well enough while selecting a plan. A Best maternity insurance policy in India allows the sum insured to increase after every no-claim year, and the limit is 50%.


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