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Buy Health Insurance Online – 5 Things to Consider Before You Invest

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Many people in India are still unaware of the need to purchase health insurance. This is because they do not take it seriously other than as a way to save money on taxes. Unexpected sickness or medical treatment could devastate your finances as well as leave you in debt.

For anybody with a moderate monthly income, a financial problem caused by a health emergency can be too much to bear. As a result, purchasing an online health insurance policy for the family from a young age might alleviate your healthcare concerns later in life and provide you with peace of mind. In fact, nowadays, you can buy health insurance online easily.

However, due to the complexities of the terms and conditions, considerable research is essential before selecting the best health insurance coverage.

Family Floater Health Insurance vs Individual Health Insurance

Insurers offer several health insurance plans based on the number of people insured, which are typical:

Individual Health Insurance Policies (IHIPs)

Such plans cover only one person against various ailments and illnesses.

Family Health Insurance Plans

As the name implies, these are much more extensive plans that span the entire family. If you want to secure your complete family, this is a much more cost-effective choice than purchasing individual policies for every member. You pay a single premium for this plan, which assures coverage for all the insured members.

There are best family health insurance plans to choose from, like mediclaim policy for family, online health insurance policy for family, and so on. Buy health insurance online, which is easy to obtain.

Health Insurance Premium That Fit Your Budget

Calculate Your Health Insurance Premium Budget

Many individuals believe that the greatest way to get the best bargain out of an exchange is to go with the cheapest option. Let’s debunk this fallacy right now. To be justified, the premium is not inexpensive; rather, it must be proportionate to the advantages it offers. You should choose a health insurance plan that covers a wide range of medical crises and difficulties, as well as pre-and post-hospitalization costs. 

If it is a family health cover, ensure it meets the needs of everyone in the family. It’s never a bad idea to do your homework. You can learn more about the policies by going online and perusing the quotes. It’s crucial to consider the expenditures in your budget. You could choose to start with a low premium and gradually raise your coverage as your family, income, or needs evolve. Buy health insurance online that can cover mental illness, ambulance charges, daycare, room charges, and ICU charges.

Compare Health Insurance Policies Online

Compare Health Insurance

Many insurance companies offer health insurance, and each one has a variety of options to choose from. It’s great that you’re already on the internet; do some additional study before making a decision. It is virtually never the case that the initial plan you select is the best one for you. This is why it is a good idea to shop around and learn about other possibilities to discover a health plan that successfully meets your needs. Compare and contrast quotes for various alternatives.

Feature of Online Health Insurance

Easy and Quick Claim Procedure

Quick Claim Process

When choosing to buy health insurance online, this is critical to understand the insurance company’s application process. This is the primary benefit of having insurance coverage. According to experts, when an insurance company doesn’t even have a straightforward and speedy claim process. This can be a huge stumbling block for policyholders and their families, particularly in an emergency.

Health Insurance Exclusions And Restrictions

Health Insurance Exclusion

Before choosing a health insurance plan, it’s critical to grasp its contents, as each policy has its own set of limitations and exclusions.

Many consumers, according to experts, assume things and acquire an insurance policy. As a result, before signing a policy, it is recommended that you read the fine print. For example, a certain condition may not necessitate hospitalization and hence may not be covered by a normal health insurance coverage. Because of this, it’s crucial to double-check whether your coverage covers in-patient treatment.

Waiting Period

Health Insurance Waiting Period

Every policy includes a set waiting period for coverage of specific illnesses. The insurance policy shall only acquire coverage for certain ailments after the waiting time has passed. For example, illnesses like diabetes or pre-existing illnesses and maternity advantages have a 2-4 year waiting time. The health insurance covers critical illness, and the sum insured is reasonable.

Co-Payment Clause

Health Insurance Co-Payment

The co-pay When a policyholder agrees to pay a portion of the medical bills out of pocket while the insurer covers the remainder, this is known as a clause. Policyholders should select an insurance plan that has a co-payment clause, according to industry experts.

Benefits Online Health Insurance

Network Hospitals

Health Insurance Network Hospitals

One should always check cashless treatment with a network of hospitals with the insurance company. The hospitals within a network provide a cashless alternative in the event of a medical emergency or hospitalization. The insurer covers the medical bills directly with the insurer. Choose an insurer with a large number of network hospitals.

Maternity Benefits

Health Insurance Maternity Benefits

With medical expenses on the rise, pregnancy costs have skyrocketed as well. Women should buy health insurance online that offers maternity benefits. For maternity benefits, one should look into the waiting period applicable for claiming maternity expenses and consider the sub-limit. There is no medical test up to a certain amount.

Pre & Post-Hospitalization

Pre & Post Hospitalization

You go to the doctor, obtain medicines, and have tests done before being admitted to the hospital. Select an insurance plan that includes these features as well. Hospitalization expenses covered should be clearly defined.

Lifetime Renewal

Lifetime Renewal in Health Insurance

Look for health insurance that can be renewed indefinitely. Online renewal is possible if you buy health insurance online.

Free Medical Check-Up

Free Doctor Consultation & Medical Checkup

You must look for a policy that includes a free medical examination. Preventive health check-ups, tax benefit under 80D, COVID-19 treatment, claim assistance, and total number insured are some aspects to check for.


When it comes to paying health claims, a smooth claim process is an advantage. Before you buy health insurance online, you could conduct some research, check online customer reviews, and choose a health insurance company with a reputation for quick claim settlement.


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