COVID 19 Prevention and Awareness

What Are the Best Tips for COVID 19 Prevention and Awareness?

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With the COVID-19 storm still on and about, we are all doing our best to keep the infection away. However, an invisible enemy is worse than 100 enemies in sight. 

Meaning, we need to follow the same social distancing rules, and rather more in the coming months, till a vaccine release. In such a scenario, precautions and health insurance plans are the best ways to keep ourselves and our finances safe.

COVID-19 spreads from physical contacts and coughs or sneezes with an open mouth. Meaning, social distance is a must during this scenario.

So if you are worried about how to protect yourself against the COVID-19 infection, the answers are many. Let us check COVID 19 prevention and awareness tips!

Understanding how COVID 19 Prevention and Awareness Works to Control the Spread of Infection

While cough and sneeze droplets at a close distance are well-known mechanisms to catch the COVID, there are other lesser-known methods. 

And these would include:

  • Contaminated surfaces
  • Poorly ventilated rooms

If you hold a door-knob and immediately touch your nose, eyes, or mouth during the times of COVID, there are chances of contracting the infection.

And this is as those infected might touch it with their hands that they have sneezed into, contaminating the surface. 

Similarly, a poorly ventilated room does not allow for breeze and space for people to stay apart, thus worsening the situation for the infection. 

So when your job requires you to be out often during the pandemic instead of staying home, follow these COVID 19 prevention and awareness tips at all costs:

Wash Your Hands Frequently

While this does sound like instruction for school children, it now applies to all ages. The lack of hygiene and proper sanitation are some of the focal causes of widespread infection. 

Hence, make sure to wash your hands after returning from outside, and various other common activities such as:

  • Sneezing and coughing
  • Touching something outside your home, or something brought inside.
  • Petting animals outside your home. 
  • Before taking care of the sick or the elderly. 

While these are common and unforgettable, there are chances of you missing out due to urgent tasks. However, these small silly mistakes are what urges the infection to spread right under our eyes. 

Of course, while outside you can always use sanitizers to keep your hands clean before touching something else. This way, you can keep everyone safe around you, as much as yourself.

Maintain Physical Distancing of At Least 6 Feet Distance for Safety

When speaking to someone, there are higher chances of their spit droplets coming at your face. And in these times of COVID-19, if this person was infected your life would be in danger.

As time goes by, we are slowly understanding the expensive impact of the virus on our health, and its long-lasting effects after we battle it away. 

Hence, the best precaution to prevent COVID 19 would be maintaining distance. And for these, make sure to:

  • Maintain social distance from people while outside. 
  • Always wear a proper medical-grade mask while outside. 
  • Stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing in public places, especially if they are without their masks. 

Masks Are the New Normal

While 2020 calls for a proper health insurance plan to cover any emergency medical charges, you should always stay safer. 

And the best way to do so would be by wearing a mask. And these masks should be proper, allowing the virus to stay out while keeping your spits from touching others if you speak. 

Of course, it is best to keep medically-graded masks for front-line workers such as doctors, nurses, cleaners, and essential sellers. 

Additionally, make sure to not wear your mask under your nose, or open it to sneeze, as it defeats the purpose.

Maintain a Disinfecting Routine

Household disinfectants are effective, affordable, and should be for daily use. Make sure to keep your house clean and infection-free for your safety. 

Surface contamination has become a rampant issue in turning homes into dangerous areas. And COVID does not pity the expenses incurred on healing, hospitalization fees, as well as long-term side effects. 

Hence, the best way to keep such hassles at bay would be to disinfect your home on a regular for precautions to prevent COVID 19. 

Keep a Check on Your Daily Health

When you follow the COVID 19 prevention and awareness protocols, there are lesser worries about getting sick. However, the coronavirus infection is invisible and requires complete guarding. 

Hence, make sure to keep the following at home as daily COVID-19 prevention check:

  • A thermometer
  • An oximeter
  • A pressure checker
  • Oxygen cylinder and masks. 

These can help you keep a vigilant eye on your and your family’s health. Moreover, when you maintain insurance coverage plans, you can claim your coverages immediately if there are any emergencies detected. 

The Protection Through Online Insurances

Comprehensive health insurance plans online can be the answer to your financial issues in times of COVID. 

Online insurances cut back on the need to visit offices and break social distancing norms. Instead, you can stay at home and apply for policies for yourselves, and your family. 

And the most suitable site, in this case, shall be Vital. Here, you can avail of smart health insurance solutions that also provide redeemable Vital Points as discount codes. 

That is not all as here you can get the best policies, designed by well-known insurance provides for your benefits. Meaning, every coverage available on GetVital is helpful and to the point. 

These insurances shall not only cover hospitalization expenses, but also take care of your expenses with ambulances, treatments, tests, and medication bills. 

The best part? You can opt for deductibles and reduce the payable premiums per annum. Here, you do not need to send in physical documents and processing fees as all this website needs is a free sign-in membership!

So why wait? Secure your family against COVID-19 by taking the best financial and COVID-19 prevention steps. 


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