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Making Your Employees Feel Valued with Employee Health Benefits

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Employees are the pillars of any organization. In the current times of high competition, when employees switch jobs swiftly, it is essential to attract new talent and retain talented employees. To this end, companies offer a host of employee benefits over and above the salary and wages.

Employee health benefits are various schemes provided by the employer to care for the employees’ health. There are several types of employee health benefits ranging from providing monetary compensation for medical expenses to programs aimed at keeping the employees healthy. Some of the common types have been discussed here.

Top Employee Health Benefits

Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the major employee health benefits provided by employers. Under this benefit, the employer purchases a group health insurance policy for the employees. A single policy covers all the employees and even their family members. The employer pays the premium of employee health insurance either fully or partially.

Employee health insurance covers the employees’ medical expenses incurred due to hospitalization for treatment of illnesses or injuries. Coverage includes room rent, doctor’s fees, surgery charges, nursing expenses, costs of medicines, and more. Pre and post-hospitalization expenses such as doctor’s visits, diagnostic tests, medicines, and more can be covered under the employee health insurance policy.

Since waiting periods can be waived off in group health insurance, the employees get instant coverage. There is no medical screening. Hence the employees with pre-existing conditions also get coverage without any hindrance. The employees can also expand the coverage by opting for add-ons or extra benefits on payment of more premium.

Employee health insurance aims to protect the financial resources of the employees against the high costs of medical treatment necessitated by diseases or injuries. Employee health insurance is beneficial for employers as well because it not only promotes job satisfaction among the employees, which improves retention but also provides tax benefits on the premium amounts.

Personal Accident Insurance

Group personal accident insurance also comes under employee health benefits. It provides comprehensive coverage to the employees in injuries, disability, or death due to an accident. 

This policy reimburses a certain percentage of the medical expenses incurred to treat accident injuries. The ambulance charges for transporting the injured employee from the accident site to the hospital are also reimbursed. A lump sum is paid to the insured employee in case of broken bones. Treatment of burn injuries is also covered under this policy.

Personal accident insurance for the employees covers both permanent partial disability and permanent total disability caused by accident. In the case of permanent partial disability, 2% to 60% of the sum assured depending upon the level of disability is paid to the employee. In the case of permanent total disability, the entire sum assured is paid.

In case of the death of the employee due to an accident, the policy pays the sum insured to the nominee of the deceased employee as a death benefit.

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs to keep the employees in the finest health come under employee health benefits. There are many kinds of employee wellness programs that companies can implement.

Yoga classes have become popular among corporate employees. This is because yoga improves physical fitness and promotes mental relaxation. Professional yoga teachers are hired to provide weekly or daily yoga classes to the employees. Conference rooms and break rooms are commonly used for yoga classes before or after office hours.

Disease management can also be made a part of the employee wellness program under employee health benefits. To this end, health professionals such as doctors and nutritionists are hired to organize workshops on chronic disease management. The employees already suffering from chronic diseases get expert advice about the ways to keep the disease under control. Other employees learn about the ways to prevent chronic diseases. 

Fitness challenges can be organized for the employees with rewards for the winning employees. Sporting events can also be conducted periodically. Such events break the monotony of routine work and rejuvenate the employees.

A mental health wellness program is another important part of employee health benefits. This includes access to mental health professionals for counseling and therapy and promoting awareness about signs of mental issues. Stress and depression are fast becoming common among working professionals. Thus mental health wellness is highly beneficial.

Biometric Screening

Biometric screening can also be provided as a part of employee health benefits. Biometric screening allows the employees to check their vital health parameters such as body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol level, heart rate, glucose level, etc. This helps assess the physical health and early detection of diseases. The employees exhibiting abnormal parameters can quickly seek medical help.

On-Site Gym

Providing an on-site gym to the employees comes under employee health benefits. By getting access to gym equipment right at the workplace, the employees can improve their fitness levels without spending money on expensive gym memberships. Alternatively, the employer can reimburse the cost of gym memberships purchased by the employees. This is a popular health benefit among young employees, especially millennials.

Healthy Snacks and Lunch

Snacks and lunch for free or subsidized rates are a favorite benefit for most employees. This perk can be linked-to employee health benefits by stocking the office kitchens with nutritious food items. There are many healthy food products on the market. The employer can promote healthy eating by providing such food items to the employees.

Advantages of Employee Health Benefits

Competitive salaries paired with employee health benefits help in recruiting more talented employees and retaining the existing employees. This is because people are becoming more health-conscious in the current times and job seekers are more likely to opt for organizations that help them manage their health.

Employee health benefits keep the staff healthy, increasing productivity and reducing absenteeism. Healthy employees are also more motivated to give their best for the company.


Regardless of the company’s size, it is necessary to include at least some of the above-mentioned employee health benefits in the employee benefits package.

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