Free Online Yoga Classes for Beginners

5 Top Poses Practiced in Free Online Yoga Classes for Beginners

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Yoga – search for it and you will end up getting loads of online articles, videos, and free online yoga classes for beginners. But have you ever wondered what it means?

The term ‘Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj‘ meaning to join or to unite. According to ancient scriptures, the practice of yoga leads to the union of individual consciousness with that of Universal Consciousness. In other words, it leads to perfect harmony between the mind, body, and man and nature. 

Thus, yoga aims to help every individual overcome all kinds of suffering and attain a state of liberation. 

If you are a beginner, here are some of the top 5 poses that you must include in your regimen, their benefits, and how to do them


This pose is practiced in free online yoga classes for beginners. It not only works on your torso and legs but also builds your confidence and eases anxiety

Yoga Steps

  • Stand with your heels slightly apart and press into all the corners of your feet
  • Take a deep breath, roll your shoulders up and back 
  • Inhale deeply and close your eyes 


If you are searching for a pose in a free online yoga class for beginners that improves flexibility of the hips, gives strength to the knees and spine, and improves blood circulation, then this is it. 

Yoga Steps

  • Stand with your feet spaced slightly apart
  • Inhale and bring your arms to the sides and gradually over your head
  • Exhale and then bring your arms to touch your toes 
  • Relax and return back to your standing pose

Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana

This is the pose in free online yoga classes for beginners that helps build patience and discipline and strengthens your back and core. 

Yoga Steps

  • Bend your knees and put your hands flat on the floor while pulling your legs back to get in a high Plank Pose.
  • While pressing your hands, keep your legs parallel and pull your belly button towards your spine
  • Work on your core and arms while staying in this position
  • Relax and return back to a standing position

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Also known as the downward-facing dog pose, this pose elongates your spine, helps in digestion, and aids in stretching your back and leg muscles. 

Yoga Steps

  • Get into Plank Pose, inhale and lift your hips and back while inhaling
  • While lifting, ensure that your legs are straight and your heels are working towards the floor
  • If you are doing this pose for the first time in free online yoga classes for beginners, ensure that you pedal out your feet to warm up your leg muscles


Also known as a child’s pose, this is one of the most common poses done in free online yoga classes for beginners. It helps release any tension in the chest, relaxes the spine, and helps get good sleep. 

Yoga Steps

  • In Adho Mukha Svanasana pose, take a deep breath
  • When exhaling, release your knees to the floor, pull your hips on the floor, and rest your forehead on the floor
  • As this is a restorative post, you can adjust your posture including widening your knees a bit if you want to 

If you are practicing these poses for the first time, these can appear to be confusing and intimidating. However, if you have the right guidance, it is rejuvenating and relaxing. 

Are you searching for free online yoga classes for beginners? If so, then you have come to the right place. 

Vital is organizing an Instagram live yoga workshop on 26th February 2022 at 11 AM with ace yoga instructor and choreographer, Jahnavi Sheriff Saisuresh. She will be demonstrating the best poses for beginners and also pass on tips on how to do yoga every day in your busy schedule.

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