Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Health Insurance For Senior Citizens

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Health Insurance for Senior Citizens can be defined as simple medical insurance policies, specifically created to provide complete medical coverage for individuals who are above 60 years of age. Generally, the best health insurance(s) for senior citizens offer them a particular set of unique advantages, like having a provision for daycare costs, complete cashless hospitalization cover, disease cover (including most of the possible pre-existing conditions). 

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, more commonly known as the IRDAI, once released a specific regulation that stated that all the providers of Health Insurance in the country are bound to provide Health Cover to individuals, right up to 65 years of age. Because of these updates in the guidelines for Health Insurance, it is possible for the aged community to acquire the necessary medical help that they sorely require in the latter stages of their lives. Along with this, thanks to the IRDAI regulations, the Insurers have to allow the insurance policyholders the option to switch insurers, if they should choose to do so. There are a plethora of insurance providers who offer health insurance for senior citizens in the country. It is up to us to carry out proper research and find the best health insurance for senior citizens that suits best for the elderly people.

The Major Benefits of Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Though there are hordes of health insurance for senior citizens, each with its unique set of advantages, there are a basic set of benefits, which are common for all of them. These benefits may seem simple but can be extremely beneficial for elderly people. The health insurance plan for senior citizens covers all the expenses incurred for the proper hospitalization of the aged individuals, the costs for surgery and other treatments, critical illnesses and pre-existing diseases, and even any injuries that they may have sustained due to accidents. 

If all the renewals of the policy are done at the proper times, the best health insurance for senior citizens will have the aged individual covered up to 80 years of age, while also providing for renewal benefits for life. In fact, nowadays, many insurance companies have removed the cap on entry age (which traditionally is 65 years) and all policies can be renewed for as long as the policyholder is alive. A few of the major benefits of buying Health Insurance for Senior Citizens have been listed below:

Medical Coverage for the Elderly

Individuals, who are above 60 years old, are eligible for receiving health insurance for senior citizens, under the health insurance plans for senior citizens. These plans are specifically designed with the entry age above 60 years and cover hospitalization expenses, and in a lot of cases, pre-existing illnesses too.

 Pre-Medical Screening

In most cases health insurance for senior citizens, there is no requirement for any type of pre-medical screening. However, in some rare cases, the individual may need to undergo some form of pre-medical tests, before he/she is provided with the insurance policy. This is mostly applicable in cases of critical illness and chronic conditions.

Cashless Treatment

The best health insurance for senior citizens allows elderly individuals the option of cashless medical treatment, even at a select few of the top hospitals of the country, with the provision that the patient has to be admitted for a minimum time frame of a whole day (24 hours). The Cashless Treatment includes all the expenses of medical bills, charges for the room, doctor and nurse fees, etc.

Medical Treatment Expense Cover

All the costs incurred during the in-patient hospitalization, are covered by the insurance policy.  The health insurance plan for senior citizens also takes care of the expenses during the Pre-hospitalization and Post-hospitalization periods.

No Claim Bonus

All the insurers offer this particular discount for all the years that are claim-free. This discount can range from anywhere from 20%, right up to 100% in a few of the insurance plans for senior citizens.

Tax Benefits

Just like all other Health Insurance policies, all the best health insurance for senior citizens offers tax exemption benefits to the elderly policyholder(s). The expenses of the paid premium are also eligible for tax exemption benefits, in every single financial year.

Why Senior Citizens Require Health Insurance?

Meeting the Rising Healthcare Costs

Proper health insurance is indispensable for the aged population and the entire family, to pay off the humongous medical bills that start to increase along with age. Only with health insurance for senior citizens can they avail the necessary healthcare services.

Critical Illness Cover

The higher your age, the higher are the chances of contracting critical illnesses like heart ailments, or cancer, etc. The senior citizen health insurance policies also provide critical illness add-on cover.

Annual Health Check-up Facilities

Senior citizens get to enjoy yearly health check-ups since they require medical screening quite regularly. So, annual health check-up facilities allow for drastic reductions in the expenses incurred.

Peace of Mind

The thought of having to pay off the mountain of hospital and medical bills can be extremely stressful. A health insurance policy provides for peace of mind for the entire family

What Is Not Covered Under Health Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens?

Despite the senior citizen health insurance covering most of the medical issues an elderly individual may have, there are a few instances when the mediclaim cover is denied to the policyholder. The following are a few such instances:

  • Any pre-existing and/or self-inflicted injuries of the policyholder do not get covered
  • Any expenses for treating drug abuse or AIDS are not covered
  • The policies do not cover any medical issue that arises within a span of 30 days since purchasing the policy
  • Non-Allopathic Treatments are not covered
  • Injuries stemming from a Civil War or a Foreign Army are left alone
  • They do not insure the expenses of Cosmetic Surgeries

No affordable health insurance covers Dental Treatment or Optical Treatment unless it is a result of an accident.

Final Words

Medical bills are continuously increasing at alarming rates. As a result, having adequate health insurance has become an imperative task not only in an individual’s work-life but also after a person retires. The number of senior citizen health insurance in the country has increased drastically over the past few years. So if you can go through their terms and conditions, you will soon be able to find the policy that suits your needs. Once you purchase such a policy, it gives you and your family the belief that your elderly family members will get the proper medical attention that they need without the family falling under a mountain of debt. So, do your research, select your preferred policy and buy health insurance online.


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