Hospital Room Rent Limit in India

Hospital Room Rent Limit in India

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Do you know what the hospital room rent limit in India is? It is the room rent per day or bed charge that the hospital charges the patient. With a health insurance policy, the room rent costs of the policyholder are settled by the insurer. This can reduce your claim. Before buying a health insurance policy, you have to know how it works. 

For instance, a policyholder’s hospital room rent limit in India is ₹2,000 per day, but they may get allotted a room that costs ₹4,000 a day. The insurance policy will only pay 50% of the claim in these cases.

Here you can find all the details about hospital room rent limits in India. 

Types of Hospital Room Rent Limit in India

There are four types of hospital room rent limits in India. They are –

Room Rent without Sub-Limits

The room rent without sub-limits is a policy that offers coverage to medical treatment. It means that the expense of the hospitalization can be covered only up to a limit in the policy document. 

For example, if the sub-limit for the hospital consultation is only 2% of the sum insured, which is SI = Rs. 2,00,000, you will get the reimbursement for Rs. 4000, which is 2% of Rs. 2,00,000. This happens even if the doctor’s fees cost Rs. 10,000. But imagine the scenario of exceeding the sub-limit. If the expenses go over and above the sub-limit, the medical insurance will not cover the additional costs, and you have to pay it from your pocket. But the insurance provider may lessen the sub-limits for the other kinds of charges incurred in the hospital. 

Room Rent with Co-Payments

In this option, the insurer has to share the costs of the room limit up to a fixed amount. For instance, if you must stay in the hospital for five days, the room rent costs Rs. 20,000, which means 4000 per day, the co-payment of the room limit will be 50%. The insurer will pay Rs. 10,000. 

Room Rent without Sub-Limits as An Add-On Cover

According to this hospital room rent plan, there will be no capping or limit/sub-limit on the hospital room rent limit in India. You are free to choose the type of hospital room, which may be single, private, deluxe, shared, or more. 

Room Rent with Specified Room Types

Some health insurance plans offer coverage for specific types of rooms. The insurer will opt for the suite, which is a twin-sharing suite or a private room. So with this feature, the patients can be admitted to specific rooms in the hospital to benefit from the coverage. 

What is no capping on room rent?

No capping on room rent means that the insured person can opt for any hospital room to avail of the treatment. There is no limit on the room rent in this feature. The insured person can select the hospital room they want for treatment. But the amount claimed has to be up to the sum insured under the health insurance plans. 

Generally, hospitals in India have specific rooms for the patient to choose from. Under the coverage of hospital room rent limit in India, the health insurance companies offer the insured person a limit up to which they will be able to choose the hospital room type. They can find double occupancy, luxury, deluxe, etc., with specific facilities and rent. 

Many health insurance companies put restrictions on India’s hospital room rent limit. The terms and conditions will have all the information about it. The monetary limit and the rent room capping will be applied to the rent, nursing, and boarding expenses. But the health insurance policy of no room rent capping is the most preferred choice for the insurance buyers as it has no restrictions on the terms of coverage. 

What is room rent with capping?

The room rent capping is the hospital room rent limit in India that the insurance provider handles. The capping can be the whole amount that states how much of the room rent the insurer pays the expenses. Or else it can also be the specific percentage of the sum assured before getting hospitalized; the insured must check the room rent capping of the health insurance policy. There are many types of room rent capping like no capping on room rent, co-payment on room rent, room rent with capping, room rent on certain room types, and room rent waiver add-on cover. 

No Claim Bonus (NCB) and Hospital Room Rent Limits

You have to know that the hospital room rent limit in India is not linked to the No Claim Bonus. The NCB is the bonus added to the claim amount every year for not claiming it. It comes as a bonus or a reward for the insured person for not making any of the claims. As the room rent is not associated with the NCB, there will not be an increase in the total cover of the room at the time of claim. If the total cover increases, the room rent will be constant, linked with the base sum insured. 

Effect of Hospital Room Rent Limit on Your Health Insurance Claim

India’s hospital room rent limit affects the health insurance claim. Health insurance often restricts how much it pays for certain treatment or services. It is done to balance the expenses of the many policyholders of the company. If there is no limit, people may pick the most luxurious option as the insurance company will pay for it anyway. So to prevent this, insurance companies add clauses that limit the benefits offered by the health insurance policy.

For this reason, two patients, even if they were to undergo the same course of treatment will have different bill amounts. This is because of the type of room chosen which in turn affects the amount that needs to be paid.


For getting better coverage from the hospital room rent limit in India, you have to go through the insurance plan to check the room rent limit. If the limit is low, you can choose a higher limit plan. Even small clauses can go unnoticed, so you must read the terms and conditions of your chosen health insurance carefully before investing.


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