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Understanding Pre-Existing Disease Insurance Covers

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When it comes to pre-existing illness insurance you might face a few challenges. And the most crucial would be the waiting period. Most of the time, the health insurance approval for someone with a pre-existing disease can take about a month. And to understand this better, let us understand the term better. 

The pre-existing illnesses are the ones that you already suffer from and have received a diagnosis of before applying for a health insurance policy. These can include several complicated diseases such as asthma, cancer, diabetes, and such. Moreover, it can be any of such illnesses whose diagnosis took place 48 months before (or lesser) than the health insurance application.

Diabetes - Pre-existing Disease

Now, as mentioned before, one of the drawbacks of opting for a pre-existing disease coverage would be the waiting period. This is because patients with such conditions are more likely to avail the coverages for emergency hospitalization. Meaning that would be a financial risk to the insurers within a short period. 

In conclusion, these are the reasons why getting adequate health coverage can be tough for patients with pre-existing conditions. Additionally, an application goes through multiple assessing procedures and can also face rejection depending on the severity of the condition. 

Hence, when you are opting for the best health cover for your pre-existing disease, here are a few things to keep in mind:

What Exactly Is a Waiting Period

The policy can have a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 4 years waiting period for pre-existing diseases. And such waiting periods begin from the first day of your health insurance. During this time, the policy shall not cover any hospitalizations, general or those related to your condition. 

Waiting Period - Pre-existing Disease

Of course, there are various insurance policies fit for pre-existing conditions. In fact, many policies have started offering healthcare benefits that can be claimed from day one.

You Must Never Hide a Pre-Existing Disease

While pre-existing conditions insurance has prolonged waiting periods, they are effective in the long run. However, it is best to not hide your conditions to reduce the waiting period in health insurance

And this is because by doing so, you can face rejection of your claim during an emergency hospitalization. Hence, it is best to clarify your ailments and conditions to your insurer, to make sure that your coverage is there for you in medically trying times. 

Emergency Hospitalization - Pre-existing Disease

Moreover, by not refraining you can help it to not have a waiting period upon policy renewal. 

Pre-Existing Conditions Are Coverable

Pre-existing illnesses are all coverable, given that you meet all criteria. Meaning, you shall need to abide by the waiting period before applying for coverage. 

Additionally, you shall also need to provide complete information on all your pre-existing conditions, to make sure that you receive your claim settlement without further assessment process. 

And while the waiting period might have you pay for the doctor and hospitalization fees, you can receive the coverage for all your expenditures on approval. 

Medical Insurances Can Vary by Insurers

Medical insurance claims might provide a variety of unique benefits and also vary depending upon which insurer you opt for. Meaning, you must make sure to check through all the details, criteria, terms and conditions, coverages, and more while opting for the right firm. 

And as all health insurances are not the same, you can look into all the details before choosing the one that suits your health conditions best!

Health Conditions - Pre-existing Disease

For example, while some policy looks into your complete medical details, others might require only the recent history (3-4 years). Meaning, you can comfortably choose a pre-existing policy that can cover your emergency surgeries and medical checkups. 

Make Sure to Know What Is Not a Pre-Existing Condition

A non-pre-existing condition might have your claim rejected during any emergency funding needs. 

For example, if you opt for pre-existing conditions insurance for pregnancy, you shall only receive normal maternity or health insurance. 

And this is as pregnancy is all about child-birth, where a mother shall go into labor or even surgery. Here, hospitalization, as well as doctor fees, are all under maternity insurance coverage for new mothers.

Hence, it is always best to know about the conditions of pre-existing disease before opting for coverage. 

Where to Get a Good Pre-Existing Health Insurance?

For any best health cover, opt for online insurance companies. And you shall find the most well-known at Vital. You can utilize this digital platform to boost your chances of a comprehensive policy plan for your pre-existing disease.

And you can get these points upon signing up as well as referring Vital to your family. 

So, make sure not to keep the pre-existing illness insurance waiting, and opt for it online, only at Vital. 

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