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How Has Remote Work Policy Changed Employee Benefits?

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The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in companies switching instantly to work from home model. The required technological tools to work from home took some time to be understood and used effectively. But once the employees settled into working from a home model, it became clear to the employers that the productivity of the employees working from home increased, and their focus improved.

With the pandemic in abeyance, work from home is no longer necessary. However, many companies have adopted the remote work policy. As per this policy, the employees are not required to physically come to the office every day. Instead, they are free to work from home for most days in a week with just 2-3 days or less for working in the office.

A remote work policy is provided as an employee benefit because it has a number of advantages for the employees. Some major advantages of remote working have been listed here. 

Advantages of Remote Work Policy

Better Work-Life Balance

A remote work policy provides flexible work schedules for the employees. This means the employees have control over their work timings and don’t need to adhere to a fixed schedule. Thus, regardless of whether you are working early in the morning or late at night as per your energy level and preference, the company has no issues if you finish your assigned work.

Control over the work schedule means the employees can devote time to activities related to their personal lives, such as dropping kids to school, doing physical workouts, doing household chores, or simply relaxing. Consequently, the professional and personal lives of the employees do not clash, and a better work-life balance is established. 

Save Time

Commuting to and from the workplace consumes a lot of time. This is particularly true for busy cities where it invariably takes a lot of time to reach the office and return home. Many surveys have determined that office-going employees spend even a month’s worth of time commuting and being stuck in traffic each year. Thus, a remote work policy saves a lot of time that is otherwise wasted in commuting. 

Remote working also means there is no need to go anywhere for meetings. Many virtual platforms enable multiple people in various locations to hold meetings with clear live audio and video. A flexible work schedule associated with remote working also saves time, as discussed before.

The time saved can be utilized for activities other than work, such as eating healthy meals, getting extra sleep, exercising, spending time with the family, pursuing a hobby, and providing pleasure and happiness. 

Comfortable Environment

Location independence is also a major benefit of the remote work policy. Apart from working from home, the employees can work from any location in an environment that suits them. This means the employees are not confined to the office premises. Thus, it is up to the employee whether he/she prefers home, coffee shop, beach, mountain retreat, or any other location for remote working.

Remote working has also given rise to the class of digital nomads. Digital nomads have no permanent location because they keep moving to new places while working remotely through technology. Many employees also retire to quiet and picturesque places and work remotely from such locations for specific time periods before returning to their homes.

Overall, remote working enables employees to choose their work environments as per their requirements.


A remote work policy enables employees to personalize their workspaces. An employee working remotely has their workspace with complete control over it. Thus, the workspace can be personalized as per the personality and taste of the employee. 

An employee working remotely can opt for a plain or bright look for the workspace. The employee is also free to decorate the workspace as per their choice. Thus, whether the employee wants to keep photos of his/her family or paintings or plants or any other thing, the company has no issues because the workspace is on the employee’s premises.

Peace and Quiet

A conventional office cannot be a silent zone. There are many sounds in a quintessential office, such as phone ringing, people talking, doors opening and closing, etc. A remote work policy provides peace and quiet because the employees can choose quiet and peaceful spots to work in their homes or other locations.

A quiet and peaceful environment helps in focusing better on work because there are no distractions. Creative thoughts are also easy to come by in such an environment.

Freedom and Flexibility

A remote work policy provides complete freedom to the employees to plan their workdays. They can select their working hours as per their conveniences, leaving enough time for social and personal activities. As a result, they can fulfill both their professional and personal commitments. 

Furthermore, the flexibility provided by remote working results in the inclusion of non-work-related tasks in the daily schedule. 

Cost Savings

Going to the office daily results in a number of expenses. These include transportation charges, the cost of lunches at the canteen or other eateries, maintaining proper clothes to wear at the workplace, throwing parties for colleagues on birthdays and other special occasions, and miscellaneous expenses. A remote work policy saves all such costs since there is no need to step out. This results in a lot of savings.

More savings mean more disposable income to spend on important things. A substantial percentage of the monthly income can be saved by remote working.

Improved Morale and Happiness

Remote working reduces stress levels which leads to improved morale and more happiness. This is because the opportunity to have flexible work schedules and more time for personal life coupled with a comfortable work environment positively affects the mental health of an employee working remotely. 

Happy and motivated employees have high productivity, which helps them in their professional development and benefits employers.


A remote work policy benefits both the employees and the employers. This is why the concept of remote working is being accepted widely by companies as one of the main employee benefits.


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