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National Girl Child Day – How Vital Health Cover Can Give Girls Better Financial Security?

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As we celebrate another edition of the National Girl Child Day, what separates this year from the others is the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been reeling under its effects for some time now. How long it will continue and to what extent it will affect us in the future, we do not know. 

If the pandemic has made one thing important – it’s the need for planning one’s finances, even for women. Its absence leads to a number of issues such as debt accumulation, poor spending habits, and no long-term planning. A recent survey found that due to lack of financial literacy only 33% of women have the confidence to invest their money

Despite the rise of women’s roles in both public and private domains, such low figures indicate that financial literacy is still not part of the mainstream discourse. As such, it is essential to increase financial literacy among women, especially from a young age so that they are able to better manage their finances on growing up. 

We must also secure the future of our daughters so that they do not have to depend on anyone, ever. In this regard, the importance of having a health cover cannot be stressed enough. It keeps providing benefits throughout one’s lifetime. This is where a Vital health cover comes in. 

On the surface, it might sound like any other health coverage, but there is more to it than what meets the eye, especially for girls. 

Read on to find out how. 

Vital Health Cover Helps Beat Medical Inflation

While retail inflation was at 6.26% in 2021, the same figure for medical inflation stood at 8.4%. The same figure the previous year was at 3.4%. This happened because of the increase in prices of medicines, medical tests, and doctor consultation fees. The pandemic has only made matters worse.

Medical Inflation

In the future, the costs will only rise further. In such a scenario, Vital health cover not only helps cover your current expenses related to hospitalization but also protects you from rising inflation costs in the future owing to its high coverage of up to Rs. 50 lakhs. This will help your daughter opt for the best treatment plan without worrying about the costs involved.

Helps Save Her Hard-Earned Money

While most people think only about the premiums, they tend to overlook the fact of how much they stand to save in the long run. Tomorrow, when your daughter has her own family, not only will a Vital health cover take care of her expenses, but those of her family members as well. This is because she can easily add her members to her existing plan without the need to buy a separate policy.

Raise Cashless Claims

Hospital visits are very stressful. It goes up even further when one has to consider the money that has to be paid upfront when getting treatment. For many, this can prove to be a hindrance in their plans of getting treated by the best hospitals. 

Vital health cover lets you forget all of that stress. It has more than 7500 cashless hospitals in its network all across the country. This means that you can enter any hospital in the network and get treated without shelling out a single rupee from your pocket. The money will be paid instead by the health cover provider.

Free Doctor Consultations and Checkups

As was mentioned earlier, health checkups and consultation fees have been one of the biggest causes behind the rise in medical costs. Vital understands this and decided to offset these costs in a unique way. 

Vital Health Cover - Free Doctor Consultations

Vital health cover now includes unlimited doctor consultations and two annual health checkups for free. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But you read that right. 

This means that your girl can now get access to the best doctors for free and those health check-ups will ensure that her health is taken care of. 

Pharmacy and Diagnostic Discounts

Are hospitalization and doctor’s fees the only medical expenses we incur? Not really. Think about it. Whenever you visit a doctor, you will either be suggested medicines or diagnostic tests or both. The costs of both of these are rising. 

By 2021 a lobby group of nearly 1000 Indian pharma companies is urging the Government of India to increase the costs of non-scheduled drugs by as much as 20%. They argue that an increase is necessary citing rising input costs. The maximum increase allowed in a given year for non-scheduled drugs is 10%.

Vital Health Cover - Pharmacy Discounts

If we talk about the costs of diagnostic tests, their prices are no laggards either. The costs of medical tests in India have been increasing at a rate a little above 10% annually. What’s surprising here is that this rate of increase applies both to rural and urban areas.

A vital health cover helps your daughter offset these costs by offering up to a 70% discount on diagnostic packages along with home sample collection. As for medicines, she not only stands to get a flat 25% discount on a prescription and OTC (over-the-counter) medication but have them home-delivered as well. 

Other Benefits

A health cover should not just be about covering the costs of hospitalization and doctor consultation charges. This is why Vital health cover also includes nutrition, fitness, and mental health. Let us consider them individually. 

Vital Health Cover - Fitness

Under fitness, the insured person will get to train with fitness experts from across the country. Some of the fitness routines include yoga, functional dance, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), and more. Thus, there is no need to shell out any extra money to remain fit. 

To remain in top-notch shape, we not only need to work out but also keep a tab on our diet. This is why a Vital health cover also includes nutrition counselling from top dieticians. This will enable your girl to improve her metabolism, lose weight, and manage her diet-related issues if any.

Vital Health Cover - Nutrition Counseling

Mental health counselling is another benefit the insured person gets from a Vital health cover. We do not want to talk much about issues concerning our mental health as there are a lot of taboos surrounding it. However, it cannot be denied that such issues are on the rise and will continue to be so in the future.

With everyone restricted to the confines of their home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health issues are on the rise. A recent report by UNICEF found that 14% of kids aged between 15 to 24 years feel depressed

Realizing this situation, Vital decided to include mental health counselling as part of its health cover. This allows the insured person to talk to therapists online and keep their stress and anxiety in check.

Lastly, despite our best efforts, the question that we still get asked the most is how does a Vital health cover provide all of these benefits. The answer is very simple – we have tied up with some of the best players in the industry. These include Tata 1MG, BetterLYF, MFine, Cultfit, Thyrocare, Healthians, and more depending on the service opted for.

Despite this, Vital health cover starts from just Rs. 299 per month.

So if you are on the lookout for a health cover for your precious daughter, look carefully and learn what are the benefits that you are getting. To what extent will those benefits help your girl in the future.

If you still want to know more, feel free to reach out to us. When it comes to health cover, it cannot be just anyone.

It must be a Vital one.

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