Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our group health plans.

Group Care Plan

Should we offer group health insurance to our team?

What is the minimum number of employees required to take this group health plan?

Is Vital an insurance company?

Why should we choose Vital’s Group Care Plans?

How is group health insurance in your plan different from the ones in the market?

Is OPD covered in your group health plan?

How big is your hospital network?

Is maternity covered in your group health plan?

Can we increase maternity coverage in this group health plan?

Do we have to take the health and wellness benefits too?

Can we buy health and wellness benefits without group health insurance?

Does your group health plan cover families?

Does your group health plan cover parents?

Can we add families or parents to the group health plan after we have already taken it?

Can we offer different cover amounts to different employees in this group health plan?

Can my team’s families access the health and wellness benefits?

What if some of our team members need higher insurance coverage than what you offer?

I have an existing insurance policy from a different broker. Can we renew it with Vital?

How frequently do you host wellness sessions?

Are the wellness sessions paid?

Onboarding and Plan Management

How long does it take to issue the group health insurance policies?

Can we add or remove employees after the initial setup?

Does my team need a separate onboarding?

How can my team access the benefits?

How does your dashboard work?

Health and Wellness Benefits

How big is your doctors’ network?

What doctor specialties are on offer?

What tests are included in the health checkup?

What if my team wants to book other tests apart from your full-body checkup?

Can my employees book a test or order medicines from anywhere in India?

How can my team book the doctor consultations?

Is the pharmacy discount available on all medicines and OTC products?

Is the pharmacy discount available on all medicines and OTC products?

Claims And Support

How can my team file claims?

Is their dedicated support available for my team?

What are the chances of claims being rejected?

How can my team contact their Care Managers?


How does your monthly subscription work?

What are the payment modes offered?

Is monthly payment mandatory?

Do I need to keep paying for the employees who have already left?

What if I forget to pay for my subscription on time?